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The Diagrams of Truth

Fragments of an Outer Mind is what it suggests, fragments which can only be explained on the basis that there is some Outer Mind.  God is the best word we have to describe such an entity.  Fragments of an Outer Mind constitutes proof of the existence of God.. Sometimes the Voice speaks to me, but more often conveys messages through meaningful coincidence in our world of Space and time.. Always these experiences confirm and verify what the Voice says in various ways.  Am I mad to believe God speaks to me?  Many have been deluded in the past.  But I have a wealth of evidence that suggests that I am experiencing a form of communication which is from the Source it would appear to be. 

Volume 1 of Fragments of an Outer Mind, The Diagrams of Truth is the first of a new series of books from Lux Aeterna Publishing.  The Diagrams of Truth contains some results from a novel but highly controversial study of the phenomenon of meaningful coincidence over a period of 23 years. This book draws thought-provoking conclusions from this seemingly inexplicable phenomenon and suggests that there is an order of coherence behind world events, a real signal in the apparent random noise of major disasters.   Is it proof that God is real?

Proof of Prophecy External Design in Disaster through Apparent Coincidence
An external  Source of Intelligence (SETI) ( See thesetimessages) indicates sometimes an accurate knowledge of future events, at other times an ability to orchestrate events with uncanny precision. There is evidence of this Intelligence interacting with the minds of men over centuries, indeed millennia.

All these different aspects are examined in a new book which summarises some of the evidence which proves that Myers and Sidgwick , two of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research in 1882, were right. At the heart of this book are four significant events in recent world history. It is not without significance that three of these were disasters for the USA, the other a disaster for the Muslim world. In fact, the first disaster is a joint British-US disaster, rather like the present War in Iraq, of which the fourth disaster warned so clearly, in February 2003, before the invasion was launched.

These four events are the Lockerbie air disaster, the Mecca tunnel disaster, the World Trade Centre attack and the Columbia Shuttle disaster. All four events were indicated to us before they happened, the prophecies varying between 19 days and 9 years beforehand. The events were indicated to us through Codes which came to us almost as bits of a jigsaw. It was as though Something was saying I have the complete picture. These bits are the proof. It is all you need to know. When these things come to pass, you will know I speak the truth.

Bits of the jigsaws of these four events were given to us in advance. When the disasters happened, we understood. But as well as the bits of the individual jigsaws, there were Code progression elements connecting them, powerful evidence of coherent design.

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