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Our Other Books


Enigmas of Easter -  Vol. 1 - Mary, Daughter of Elohim

This is the story of Mary Magdalen and the man upon whom one of the world’s great faiths came to be based. Jenny acted in effect as a trance medium and the spirit of Mary Magdalen transcending 2000years of space and time spoke through her. In time we came to see that this was what God had chosen.   This experience occurred in April/May 1986 when we were living in the remote hills of North Wales overlooking the waters of Liverpool Bay. In many ways, the wild hills of North Wales were akin to the hills of Galilee overlooking the lake of which Mary often spoke. This book sheds a rather different light on many biblical matters, both New Testament and Old.

Mary’s story does not fully agree with any one of the four Gospels, but then, in so many instances, the four Gospels contradict each other. The key difference is that Mary’s story is that of a genuine eyewitness.   More......


Enigmas of Easter  - Volume 2 - The Alpha and Omega Codes

Evidence that Mary’s story is true also lies in the prophetic knowledge exhibited by the ‘Source of Intelligence’ in the weeks before the Lockerbie air disaster, the Mecca tunnel disaster, the first Gulf War and Princess Diana’s death. This extensive book shows how we gradually were led to understand the existence of these codes, between 1988 and 2005.  They are intricately woven into a web of destiny spanning millenia, all put there by God intended to be revealed now........ in the latter days for man upon the earth. The Codes prove Mary's story is true but in addition Mary's story gives a purpose to the codes.  Our later book The Diagrams of Truth gives a very abbreviated description of how we came to understand four key codes and goes on to illustrate their powerful  interconnections .


The Sands of Eternity -  Volume 1 - Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra

The is the poignant autobiography of Pharaoh’s daughter, Ankhsoun-pa-Aten, wife of that most famous of pharaohs, Tutankhamun. This book fills in many gaps in a fascinating period which has confused Egyptologists for well over a century. It seems that the older Victorian ideas that her father, Akhenaten, was a forerunner of Christ are closer to the truth than the fashionable modern theories that he was a power-seeking madman, notable for his sexual deviance. Perhaps the theories reflect more of the nature of their age than of their supposed subject.

This book is based on our unique personal experiences. Jenny and I appear to have been drawn together by some mysterious force linking us both back to Ancient Egypt. I have long felt unaccountably drawn to Egypt but had never been to Egypt. Jenny had lived there for a year and had developed a business selling Egyptian art in Britain. I found out about her from a magazine advertisement and went to see her to try to get a painting from the Akhenaten period. Instead, I got the story of Akhenaten - and, by chance, I also got a new wife.     More......



The Sands of Eternity - Volume 2 - The Hand of Destiny

This book describes the many curious omens and events surrounding the discovery of Tutankhamun' s tomb in 1922 and the strange coincidences in our own lives, linking us to the tomb itself.   It all constitutes  powerful proof of destiny.  This book describes our many experiences on our visits to Egypt between 1986 and 1993, visits which both authenticated Ankhsoun' s story and embedded it firmly in the events of the modern world, especially the Lockerbie air disaster of 1988, the Mecca tunnel disaster of 1990 and Princess Diana's death in 1997.

For instance, I suddenly felt I had to go to Luxor in May 1992. Princess Diana, too, made a spur of the moment decision to go to Egypt the very same week. I did not see her. I saw only omens of her coming death, but that death linked strongly to Egypt.

The parallels between the sacrifice of a Queen 3350 years ago and the sacrifice of the woman in 1997 who should have been Queen are so clear.  Is it just chance, that the very same Sentinel of Eternity, a true Rock of Ages, witnessed the final journey of both women?    More......


A Cancer Journey - Jenny's Odyssey of Faith

It is pretty tough being told you have cancer. There is the numbness, followed by all sorts of feelings and reactions. Then the thoughts come tumbling.

There are considerations about treatment and about practical matters. Over all, there is the fear. Life is going to change - or perhaps not exist for much longer....... And there is the concern for those who would be left behind.

It is not just the cancer patient, but the whole family. Friends, too, don't know how to react as often it feeds into their own fears about their own health or mortality. Or, too often, it reminds them of losses of their own.  So, I have decided to set down this very personal story.   More.......


Daughter of Destiny - Vol 1 - Diana Beyond the Veil

This book begins by looking at the connections Brian and Jenny Cocksey have had in this world with Britain’s royal family, principally Prince Charles. During the Prince's brief period of interest in the newly privatised water industry,  Brian was asked to write a report for him by his then Private Secretary, Richard Aylard.   The book then moves on to their connections with the House of Windsor from the spirit world with, first the spirit of the Duke of Windsor and then the spirit of Princess Diana. But the links between the Duke and the princess are quite uncanny, powerfully suggestive of Destiny.’

A few weeks after the princess's death, Brian experienced the first of a series of communications from the spirit of Diana. Again it was through Jenny speaking in a trance. The first instance was triggered by a comment Brian made about Diana and the Queen Mother. It came from a book which he had just been reading. It soon became clear that his comment must have been like a red rag to a bull and it triggered Diana' s spirit to speak through Jenny. Brian was quite surprised at this because he had never been one of Diana's legions of fans.  In fact, almost her first words were "I know you don' t like me...... " Diana spoke to Brian at length on that occasion then and did so quite frequently over the decade following.........Each occasion was almost invariably triggered by some event or report concerning her former family in this world.   More........



Daughter of Destiny - Vol 2 -  PenRose

The full extent of the proof in the Web of Destiny of Diana's murder  was not made clear until February 2008, during the Inquest into her death. Of course, the jury came up with the right result, guided by the legal eagle judge. Enquiries always do, just like the Hutton Inquiry did. You can always trust the safe hands of some carefully chosen Learned Judge or other.  But the Priests of Maat should all remember that, though they happily sit in judgement now on all sorts of errors, the time will come when each of them will be Judged.

The extensive Web of alternative evidence is described in detail in this book.  The intricacy of the inter-connection between events in the High Court in London and our lives in New Zealand were truly wyrd.

But why does it matter what happened to Princess Diana?  It doesn't matter to most of the people of Britain now.  Diana's supposed friends have either gone over to the 'New Court' or have found alternative people to use.  But It does seems to matter to the Source, hence the powerful connections which have been made over those final months of the inquest.  It seems that the truth about Diana's end is intricately interwoven with the End for Man.  The evidence for the former is detailed and powerful.  The evidence for the latter is still accumulating.

Fragments of an Outer Mind, Vol 3, Kismet and the Keys to Space and Time,

This book is concerned with destiny on a personal level in progressions in my own life over fifty years and also the Princes of Wales over 700 years.  And there are the powerful personal links between  two Princes of Wales and me, Charles in this world and Edward from the next.   And as I wrote the book more synchronous meaningful coincidences poured in.  Was it chance that this ghostly image was created by the power of the sun on the dust jacket of a 1937 book about the man who had once been king. Was it meant to sit in the window of an Auckland bookshop in the burning rays of the Atenn, until Turin-shroud like the image of the King was seared into the bookcloth.   More........


Is there more to trainspotting? Read how the thread of railways through 54 years in the lives of two people has led to proof of destiny and life after death.  It is all about meaningful coincidence and Knowing. As Shakespeare said, we are actors on a stage. GWR Star 4041, NZ DC4041, LMS locos 46204, 5570, 45665, 45687 and 6229. LNER 4492 or No13, No19, 62666, 62739, NZ KA942, KA946, J 1211, JA1250, DE507. Even Philip Hawkins’ latest painting Summer Saturday at Snow Hill has the codes embedded. It has all been choreographed over 100 years - for now.

    Beginning in England in 1958, the thread of railways links mediums, the spirits of the lost Queen of Egypt, a King of England, Mary Magdalen and Princess Diana as well as the mysterious Cassandra codes.  These predicted many disasters, Lockerbie, 9/11, hurricane Katrina, four Airbus crashes, four Christchurch earthquakes and Japan’s ‘3in1’ disaster of 2011.  The book ends with a real-life Celestine Prophecy journey woven around the Glenbrook Vintage Railway, A4 4492 and its NZ chime whistle, the New Zealand Railfan and UK Heritage Railway magazines, and the coming End of the World, ref 2012, and the Second Coming.  Someone is warning us




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