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Mary Magdalen


Enigmas of Easter - Vol. 1 - Mary, Daughter of Elohim

This is the story of Mary Magdalen and the man upon whom one of the world’s great faiths came to be based. Jenny acted in effect as a trance medium and the spirit of Mary Magdalen transcending 2000years of space and time spoke through her. In time we came to see that this was what God had chosen.   This experience occurred in April/May 1986 when we were living in the remote hills of North Wales overlooking the waters of Liverpool Bay. In many ways, the wild hills of North Wales were akin to the hills of Galilee overlooking the lake of which Mary often spoke. This book sheds a rather different light on many biblical matters, both New Testament and Old.

Mary’s story does not fully agree with any one of the four Gospels, but then, in so many instances, the four Gospels contradict each other. The key difference is that Mary’s story is that of a genuine eyewitness.

One thing which is especially notable in the Old Testament is that sometimes the reference is to ‘Lord’ and sometimes to ‘God’, sometimes to ‘Lord God’. These translations reflect the different words used in the original Hebrew and no doubt the differing origins of various original texts. The question which Mary’s story raises is whether the two names for god, Elohim and Jehovah, are really not two names for the same God, but names for two very different gods which have been fused together over time in a  jumbled series of documents.

Over the centuries, many thinking people have been disturbed that the nature of God portrayed in the Old Testament is at time partisan, at other times downright evil. Parts of the Pentateuch are particularly bad, and Joshua must surely be the worst book in the Bible. Mary’s book gives a glimmer of whence these erroneous concepts of God arose.

Mary’s story was the first story to be given to us. Ankhsoun’s story came a little later (See Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra). Ankhsoun’s story can be corroborated from evidence from her time which still survives to this day, some of which Egyptologists have never yet been able to satisfactorily explain. Perhaps this is another reason why Tutankhamun’s tomb was intended to survive to this era. It helps to authenticate Ankhsoun’s story and in turn her  story and the Web of Destiny help to authenticate Mary’s story.

The book also presents  evidence to enable an answer to be given to the question of what happens to us when we die. The conclusion, that will surprise many, is that the people who were closest to the truth were probably the ancient Egyptians. The texts in the Pyramid of Unas contain a not-dissimilar message from that which emerges from Mary's story and the events which have occurred in our own lives over a dozen years since.  Even mediaeval man, with his Mystery Plays, would appear to be a lot closer to the truth than is modern man with his ever so liberal  and ever more flexible theology - or no theology at all.

But the story of Mary Magdalen which has been told to us is very different from that hypothesised in The Da Vinci Code. But there are very many strange parallels between events in that novel and our own experiences which stretch over nearly two decades. Why are these apparent elements of inspiration there? For more on this see www.devincicode.co.uk

There is little to directly authenticate Mary’s story, just as there is little to externally authenticate the accounts of the four Gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  But her word have been externally authenticated by circumstantial evidence of a novel and powerful kind as is explained below.

For more on Mary's story see Mary, Daughter of Elohim

See also Volume 2 The Alpha and Omega Codes




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