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Genesis and in 'Touch'


The Genesis of Our Books...... and in Touch

Our first two books were concerned with life after death, the autobiographies of two women from antiquity, Mary Magdalen and Anksoun pa Atenn.  They were 'given' to us out of the blue during early 1986.  But, despite pour efforts, publishers had no interest.  "They won't fit into our lists" was a common reply from the narrow minds of the publishing trade on three continents.  Then as we set about publishing our own books came the next step in our research, our discovery of the Alpha and Omega codes, via the Lockerbie air disaster.  There is a precise knowledge of the future.  It is in the mind of God already.  And He chooses to reveal it according to His purposes.  Thus came more books.  

Stephen Hawking spoke metaphorically regarding his Brief History of Time period about knowing the mind of God through his incredibly obscure astrophsics.  And he was an atheist anyway.  But the mind of God is far more accessible to the ordinary person than Hawking's equations.. At least now Hawking  knows the answer about the existence of God but too late. Ashes in a feted place in Westminster Abbey carry no weight at the Last Judgement.

Then came more communications from beyond the grave, more royal links, the Duke of Windsor and Princess Diana.  But now the scent of destiny hung heavy in the air.   Then came more disasters and finally in 2008/2009 an impressive set of code repeats predicting four Airbus disasters all based on that first critical Lockerbie code.  But they were also woven around Jenny's final illness and subsequent death, the whole series of experiences and events warning of Judgement on death for all, but proving the reality of life after death, at least if you are worth it.  But you cannot trust most mediums.  Most fail the real test.    Most  are camouflaged, sanitised modern day witches.

And bringing things more up to date, the emphasis in our  research was again on destiny as 2011 ended and 2012 began.  Ironically, that whole sequence  began with mediums and then progressed to old railways and then via train numbers directly to the Codes for the End of the World, but now with that theme playing  in crescendo. And another theme over those weeks of Advent and Christmas was a real life version of The Celestine Prophecies... But the World's End theme had been building in intensity through 2011, especially in connection with Anders Breivig.  And repeated over and over again came the message, 'actors on a stage'.  Soon the final curtain will be brought down on man.  The play will soon be over.  Man failed to heed.   He has been warned powerfully and repeatedly by seven messengers over ten millenia, each according to his times, but always to no avail.   Time after time man failed to heed.  Now time has run out.  God has had enough.   By the time they have corrupted the laws in country after country to allow man to marry man and woman woman, there will be no one left to take advantage of them.  Man mocks God at his peril.    Male and female created He them.... But that is just one of the examples of the decadence of the End Times.   Hence the message of Anders Breivig was woven into the Webs of Destiny.

 I've just watched the first episode of Touch on TV3.  It just happened to come on as I flicked on TV to check teletext.  I can see now that God intended me to watch this particular programme.   I don't usually watch American crap and NZ TV is drowned in it.  Touch is a drama series about destiny, 'incredible coincidences'  (they say over the end titles but all fictional) and codes and numbers.  But it is Hollywood's  version, a long way from the truth.  And they weave it into Chinese myths about a thread which touches lives.  Wrong culture.  The Ancient Greeks were closest to the truth about life with their ideas about the Fates, the three daughters of Erebus.  But it was the Ancient Egyptians who were right about death.  On death all are judged on the Great Balance of Eternity.  The worthy go to the Elysian fields of Heaven.  The rest go to the devourer to spend eternity in torment.  Its very Biblical in many ways,  but the Egyptian Books of the Dead long predated the Old Testament, much of which is little more than fable anyway.  But ideas of heaven and hell used to be taught by in churches before they were reformed by market forces to become more user-friendly and thus  get more bums on seats.

Sadly, ideas about failure and hell are not part of the empowering affirmative culture of Hollywood and the New Age.  Its not part of a prime time advertiser-friendly TV show like Touch.  Vampires are fine but hell is getting a bit nasty, too near the knuckle.  That's why Touch barely begins to touch on reality.  For there are real incredible coincidences in the real world. Our research has documented them over 27 years at least and many others echo back over centuries, if not millenia.  God chooses to put meaningful coincidences there to prove the skeptics wrong, Dawkins and all the rest.  And He uses them to warn of the future as well  as to reveal the truth about the past.  He sends the spirits of the dead to educate us about what really happened long ago because those events impinge deeply on mankind's future now.  And He uses codes and numbers, the real Alpha and Omega Codes, a modern form of hieroglyphics He has taught me to read over a quarter of a century.

Mind that Code 318 tonight in that first episode of Touch was really quite inspired.  Code 318 is a real code, a  most significant one indeed with which to begin a fictional series.   Code 318 connects together very neatly  Diana's execution in 1997 with the death  of Everyone Else,  EE to use the Knowing code, sometime around Palm Sunday in 2015.  And that link was first made for me in March 2005 although I only finally understood it on Palm Sunday, 2010.  God works quite definitely on a 'need to know' basis. ( But I came to realise that 32915 was not an actual date but a Code for Doomsday 3290 See Sekhmet Cones. Mind in 2018 the outlook seems bleaker than ever for mankind because he just never learns. Stehen Hawking's daughter hoped for peace in the world as placed flowers on her father's memorial in Westminster abbey. But nobody mentions the huge profits made in Britain for arms sales to Saudi Arabia to enable the Mohammedans to crush infidels and heretics in Yemen whatever the cost to civilians. The Manchester arena bombing was very significant in the the Seti messages It was not unrelated to the breathtaking hypocrisy of Britain and its leaders. Ditto the Las Vegas shooter for the Americans

25th March 2012, Lady Day, 11:11pm. ( That first episode was shown a week later in New Zealand)
It was once New Years Day in England, before the Calendar was changed.  Next Sunday is Palm Sunday, 2012.  You have almost exactly three years left.  Use it wisely.
Rev 11.44pm

Amended 18th June 2018 10.10pm



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