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Diana Beyond ....


Diana Beyond the Veil

This book begins by looking at the connections Brian and Jenny Cocksey have had in this world with Britain’s royal family, principally Prince Charles. During the Prince's brief period of interest in the newly privatised water industry,  Brian was asked to write a report for him by his then Private Secretary, Richard Aylard.   The book then moves on to their connections with the House of Windsor from the spirit world with, first the spirit of the Duke of Windsor and then the spirit of Princess Diana. But the links between the Duke and the princess are quite uncanny, powerfully suggestive of Destiny.’

Between 11th and 13th August 1997, Brian became aware of the spirit of Edward VIII linking to his mind, quite insistently, asking him to write to Mohamed Al Fayed warning him to cancel the sale of the Duke's property from the Duke's Paris home, which Fayed  was putting up for auction to clear the house ‘to make room for his growing family’. The former king gave Fayed a stark warning. Brian posted a letter conveying this warning to Fayed on 15th August. The warning concerned Fayed and his son.

A train of powerful coincidences on the night of 16/17th August 1997 suggested that Diana would be killed. It would look like an accident but accident it would not be....... The Web of Destiny suggested 1st September....and a starring role for the British security services.  Edward VIII 's stark warning to al Fayed was to be proved both true and timely by the Alma Tunnel crash and subsequent developments. Fayed ignored the warning from the spirit of the Duke, just as Lord Carnarvon had ignored the warning from Cheiro in December 1922.  The spirit of Pharaoh's daughter had come to Cheiro and asked him to warn Lord Carnarvon that only death awaited him if he returned to Egypt.  Carnarvon did go back to Egypt and found the Grim Reaper waiting, just as the princess had warned.  Thus began the legend of the Curse of the Pharaohs.

And now Diana was to die with the first born son of the 'Phoney Pharaoh' in one of Pharaoh's chariots just after it sped past the symbol of the sun god Ra, the obelisk in the place de la Concorde.

But MI5/MI6 were merely the agents. The question is who signed the warrant of execution? And who gained most from Diana's death? The answer to the latter question is, of course, the House of Windsor. The grey, wooden Windsors were no longer outshone by the colourful princess. But the answer to the former question is to be found in a large number of significant coincidences over several years since Diana 's death.  The meaningful coincidences weave the threads of connections through space and time.

A few weeks after the princess's death, Brian experienced the first of a series of communications from the spirit of Diana. Again it was through Jenny speaking in a trance. The first instance was triggered by a comment Brian made about Diana and the Queen Mother. It came from a book which he had just been reading. It soon became clear that his comment must have been like a red rag to a bull and it triggered Diana' s spirit to speak through Jenny. Brian was quite surprised at this because he had never been one of Diana's legions of fans.  In fact, almost her first words were "I know you don' t like me...... " Diana spoke to Brian at length on that occasion then and did so quite frequently over the decade following.........Each occasion was almost invariably triggered by some event or report concerning her former family in this world.

But the Diana who spoke to Brian does not sound like the 'Diana' other mediums claim to have received, or to use that awful Americanism 'channeled'.  In fact, as with the other spirits who have spoken through either Jenny or Brian, Diana  never identified  herself by name, but her identity was evident from context and related very meaningful coincidences.  Brian and Jenny are quite prepared to accept that these other mediums really were aware of spirits calling themselves 'Diana' but were these spirits who they really  claimed to be? Either one or other of these mediums was in contact with the real spirit of Diana or Brian was through Jenny.  But the information is so different that the different 'spirits' are simply not compatible. The other 'Dianas ' tend to be all 'love and light' exactly as you would expect from the 'New Age' movement.  With others there is simply too much information about the 'spirit realms'. 

But the real test is spontaneity. The only genuine communications from beyond the grave come spontaneously and not on demand for convenient and lucrative workshops. Price is inversely proportional to Truth. God does not give proof of the hereafter to those with the deepest pockets. They get the best of things in this world. They would be unwise to expect the same in the next.

What is more these other 'Dianas' very conveniently did not wish to speak about the Royal Family. The real Diana who spoke to Brian spoke at length about the Royal Family and of the pain she endured at their hands. There is a sharpness and a wit in her words- a real woman. She stands in stark contrast to the somehow soul-less 'channeled entities'.   Despite Brian's being hostile to Diana initially, over the weeks and months even he developed a certain sympathy for her, but then some will say she always had a way with men- well most of the men she met, with one very notable exception, the man she had the misfortune to marry.  But it was her destiny.  

Diana’s words are moving. She tries to explain why and how she went wrong, how she tried, but now how she feels so betrayed by so-called friends, but above all by ‘her boys’, the two worthless princes so 'at one' now with their father who, with the non-negotiable one, has been so valuable in giving them moral guidance. It is clear why they too, now have no shame and they too rely on the purveyors of hype and lies to hone an illusion. Didn't Prince Harry's words before the 'wedding' of his father to Camilla Parker-Bowles speak volumes.  "We love her to bits!"  Thus spoke the so-called brave soldier who does not seem to understand the meaning of the word loyalty .  Is there not something sadly wrong with those two princes if they can love the 'Rottweiler' the woman who, despite the fact that they were both married to someone else, would not let go of their father,  the feeble, spoiled and selfish  Prince of Wales.  It was Charles and Camilla's behaviour that ultimately Diana's death........ "WE love her to bits !!"   How many children from broken marriages love 'the other woman'?  There is just nothing about that family that is normal.  Perhaps they are not real people at all.  Is it all 'charades'?

How can Brian and Jenny prove it is really the spirit of Princess Diana? There is powerful coincidental evidence. Of course, it is only circumstantial.  But that kind of evidence is good enough for courts when it suits the people who matter….. That’s why Barry George was imprisoned in England for killing Jill Dando before the verdict was eventually overturned on Appeal in 2006.  Scott Watson is still in prison in New Zealand for the Sounds murders. And Abdel al Megrahi rotted in Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow for almost a decade for a crime he did not commit.  Pan Am 103 was an accident, massive structural failure on a geriatric plane, not a bomb at all.  Both these men are probably innocent.  But justice was done because the police got a conviction.  It is what passes for justice in man's world.

But Brian and Jenny's circumstantial evidence is not wrong. It never leads to erroneous conclusions.  It is forever being reinforced. Read what Diana says and see how the Web of Destiny was woven around her spirit talking to Brian through Jenny – reacting with indignation to the sly way her ex-husband slowly slid his mistress into the role of wife. Is it any wonder that Diana feels betrayed – and few people in Britain really care.  The Windsors think they have won.  Diana has been Photoshopped out of British life as though she never existed.  The British today, if the post-Blair, multi-ethnic hotch-potch can really be called British, are concerned only with money, their growing wealth in their houses, or debts on their credit cards.  What is more, they are being slowly indoctrinated to accept the good deeds of Queen Camilla to be.... Time to move on... Forgive and forget... Time is a great healer... But God does not forget.  And God does not forgive...  But what care does the modern Briton have for God or the things of the spirit? 

This book shows how the Web of Destiny was spun around various people and events in 1999, clearly implicating the House of Windsor in the death of the Queen of Hearts.  and the codes were repeated in 2006, 2008 and 2012. 

On 26th March 2006, in the Sunday Mirror, Simone Simmons, Diana's former ‘healer’, claimed that some entity that purports to be Diana has spoken to her regularly, giving her blessing to Prince William’s live-in arrangement with Kate Middleton. It is handy for the happy ending brigade, but in stark contrast to the real Diana whose comments over his ‘marital’ arrangements are more critical. What is more, Diana is more concerned with his gross disloyalty to her in his acceptance of Camilla, the woman who destroyed his mother’s happiness, her marriage, and finally her life.  Did William take the easy way out, just going along with Dad?  Lo another brave prince !  He looked the part for his wedding.  What a pity it was all show.

The truth of the words that come to Brian and Jenny as being from the spirit of Diana is shown by the complexity of the Web of meaningful coincidences which inter-weave them with our world of space and time.

Diana’s words from beyond the grave well sum up that awful family, the Windsors. “They made ice seem warm and caring.” She made this comment to Brian on 15th March 1998, by coincidence a date forever associated in history with betrayal and regal murder.

One final thought. Was it just coincidence that the prophecy of Diana's murder, back in 1997, was tied inextricably to the code for the Apocalypse.  Her assassination is a key element in the End Times sequences.  And 2012 is 946 years since the start of the 'English' royal line in 1066.  From French kings to Scottish kings to German ones with some English ones for a while in the middle !!!!  The royal house is nearly as multicultural as Britain is now! 

It is time for the Hammer of God for the House of Windsor, aka Saxe Coburg-Gotha-Battenberg.   Happy Jubilee!

24th March 2012  11.40pm

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