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Ankhsoun pa Artenn


The Sands of Eternity - Vol 1 - Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra

The is the poignant autobiography of Pharaoh’s daughter, Ankhsoun-pa-Aten, wife of that most famous of pharaohs, Tutankhamun. This book fills in many gaps in a fascinating period which has confused Egyptologists for well over a century. It seems that the older Victorian ideas that her father, Akhenaten, was a forerunner of Christ are closer to the truth than the fashionable modern theories that he was a power-seeking madman, notable for his sexual deviance. Perhaps the theories reflect more of the nature of their age than of their supposed subject.

This book is based on our unique personal experiences. Jenny and I appear to have been drawn together by some mysterious force linking us both back to Ancient Egypt. I have long felt unaccountably drawn to Egypt but had never been to Egypt. Jenny had lived there for a year and had developed a business selling Egyptian art in Britain. I found out about her from a magazine advertisement and went to see her to try to get a painting from the Akhenaten period. Instead, I got the story of Akhenaten - and, by chance, I also got a new wife.

I was helping Jenny develop her business. One day, on 8th June 1986, Jenny drifted into a sleep which turned out to be a trance. The woman who spoke was not Jenny. It was the voice of a woman who last walked this earth 33 centuries ago. It was the voice of Ankhsoun, daughter of ‘the Heretic’ himself (as Akhenaten was described by the priests of the false god Amun)

Over the next three weeks in June 1986, Ankhsoun ‘came’ at all sorts of times of day and night and always in places associated with kings and queens - Chelsea, Brighton and Paris. Sometimes, when excited or frightened, she would lapse into Egyptian.....  Over the subsequent months, I researched the period. This is the basis of the explanatory footnotes in the book. How many books are researched after being written?  But this is a most unusual book - in more ways than one!  My researches convinced me that this was indeed the spirit of the woman she claimed to be.

Ankhsoun-pa-Aten, who became the wife of Tutankhamun, was the daughter of the ‘heretic’ pharaoh, Akhenaten and his foreign queen, Nefertiti. Ankhsoun somehow is able to speak across time, linking mind to mind. Who was the mysterious pharaoh who reigned with Akhenaten? What lay behind the mask of Tutankhamun? And what happened to Akhenaten? So many Egyptologists have speculated for so long over the Amarna periodNow Ankhsoun tells what really happened. It is a tale of beauty, love, heartache and cruelty. But make no mistake, this is no novel. This is a true story.  It needs no Hollywood additions to add interest or excitement.

She talks lovingly of her father and his work, his belief in Aten-Ra, which was his name for God. She tells of her father’s death and secret burial. She tells of her marriage and its disappointment, the sudden death of Tutankhamun and the terror that she knew, first with Ay, the next husband she was forced to marry and, finally, at the hands of the Priests of Amun. 

For much more on Ankhsoun, see Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra

Note : And still the coincidences pour in to suggest that our experience of her spirit is real.
For more recent coincidences in May 2008, concerning Akhenaten and Ankhsoun and the times in which we live, see our books page Ankhsoun, Daughter of Ra - Zananza. Vol 53 of The Gods of Ancient Egypt magazine is the Ammut issue.  Ammut is the Devourer of those who fail in the Judgement scenes from the books of the dead.  This is particularly significant issue , as another article in the same issue concerns Ankhsoun, and in fact, a communication from her in her time, a letter she wrote, set in stone.


The Sands of Eternity - Vol 2 - The Hand of Destiny

This book describes the many curious omens and events surrounding the discovery of Tutankhamun' s tomb in 1922 and the strange coincidences in our own lives, linking us to the tomb itself.   It all constitutes  powerful proof of destiny.  This book describes our many experiences on our visits to Egypt between 1986 and 1993, visits which both authenticated Ankhsoun' s story and embedded it firmly in the events of the modern world, especially the Lockerbie air disaster of 1988, the Mecca tunnel disaster of 1990 and Princess Diana's death in 1997.

For instance, I suddenly felt I had to go to Luxor in May 1992. Princess Diana, too, made a spur of the moment decision to go to Egypt the very same week. I did not see her. I saw only omens of her coming death, but that death linked strongly to Egypt.

The parallels between the sacrifice of a Queen 3350 years ago and the sacrifice of the woman in 1997 who should have been Queen are so clear.  Is it just chance, that the very same Sentinel of Eternity, a true Rock of Ages, witnessed the final journey of both women? 

10.29.53 (2229)  3rd October 2004
Rev 18th June 2008 12.21.28am

So Mary Magdalen was sent to tell us the story of Christ.  A few months later Ankhsoun pa Aten was sent  to tell us the story of Akhenaten.  And both women's coming was very precisely timed in a way that we did not comprehend for five years.   Why were they sent?  But there is another question.  Why have there been  so many cross-linkages between Christ and Akhenaten through our research over the last nineteen years? So many times, strange coincidences have brought to our attention intricate connections between these two men. Perhaps part of the answer lies in the events  of perhaps the most remarkable juxtaposition which occurred on 17th November 1991. Again, it happened in Paris, in the Church of the Madeleine.
The answer in part because that lesson I was asked to read at the Madeleine was Christ's words concerning the signs which would precede the End of the World. Over the 20 years since I read that lesson on the day appointed, God has chosen to give the signs so clearly that the End of the World is nigh.  Jenny's death was a key element of the End times sequences allowing the truth about Ankhsoun's real purpose to be revealed gradually over the following year.  It is all about the Second Coming.  For more the latter part of our book  Predestination  abc or A-Z ? - A Trainspotters Guide to Destiny.

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