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We are publishing books devoted to the study of paraphysics, based on  the results of our twenty eight years' of original scientific research in this difficult area.  We use the term paraphysics because we are concerned with phenomena which appear to be elements of reality beyond any current theories of space and time. Our research is primarily concerned with proof of life after death and the use of meaningful coincidence by an external Source in conveying information to us about world events before they happen. 

Our first two books were unique autobiographies, the stories of two women from antiquity, both supposedly dead for millenia.  These were Mary Magdalen, the wife of Christ, albeit de facto,  and Ankhsoun pa Aten, wife of Tutankhamun and Daughter of Akhenaten.  These books are part of our extensive evidence for the reality of life after death.  But then our reasearch took a new turn.  We were led to discover the Alpha and Omega Codes, coincidences which appeared to predict disasters with an uncanny precision

So our next  books discussed examples of strange coincidence, particularly in respect of major world events such as the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster in March 1986, the Lockerbie air disaster of December 1988, the Gulf War of 1991, the Windsor Castle Fire of 1992, the Jupiter comet collision of 1994, the convenient death of Princess Diana in 1997, the Twin Towers attack of 2001, and Gulf War II in 2003. 

Strange coincidences either predicted or surrounded these events. These coincidences raise questions as to foreknowledge of the future, in other words, prophecy, and the question of destiny. Where does this foreknowledge reside? What does this evidence of ‘intelligent design’ tell us about a Designer?

And then the theme of destiny came to prominence, via railways, initially and re-echoed in many ways since.

And now everything echoes the coming End of the World and  Judgement on death for all.  And the reason why the spirits of those two women were sent in the very beginning has become abundantly clear as the End draws nigh for mankind.

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